Learn How to Regrip Your Golf Clubs

Golf can be an expensive sport, but regripping your clubs is one of the most cost effective things you can do to improve your golf game. Your golf club grips are the only contact points you have that directly affects your swing. You can replace the grips on your clubs for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a whole new set of clubs.

One more benefit of replacing your grips on your golf clubs is the improved feel, grip and control. Worn grips may allow the club to shift in your hands during your swing. The club may move in your hand, or the shaft may move inside the grip. Regripping your clubs will eliminate those problems.

 Before doing the club regripping there are a few things you need to know:

  • The core grip size of the club
  • Your hands grip size

To determine your core size grip, measure the diameter of the butt of the shaft you’re going to regrip. The shaft’s diameter should match the grip’s core diameter.

In determining your hands grip, the available size grips are regular, mid-size, oversize and jumbo.

Materials needed to regrip your golf clubs:

How to Regrip Golf Clubs Tutorial Video:

Enjoy your new golf club grips!

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